Best Apps to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

Taking pictures is undoubtedly one of the most popular passions. Many love to immortalize panoramas, landscapes, particular situations, historical monuments, and so on, and check Techy2Tech for more updates. Likewise, it is not uncommon for a group of friends, their family, or a couple to decide to take a selfie, often to remember a moment of joy and sharing.

Best Apps to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

But what if the photos you took have imperfections? It will certainly have happened to you to trash what could have been the “perfect” photo just because some intruder appeared in the image or an object that ruined everything, or perhaps an inappropriate beam of light. You may not know it, but even the less successful shots can be “fixed” thanks to photo editing. Yes, it is possible to remove objects and people from photos and enjoy the images without any more hassle.

Delete objects and people from images via apps

But how to remove objects and people from photos? If you have a PC you can rely on the most famous photo editing programs, such as Photoshop also online, which have always been a guarantee of high quality. However, in this article, we want to give you the best advice in case you don’t have your computer handy. Objects and people can in fact be deleted from photos even using some applications so that you can retouch directly from your smartphone, or from your tablet.

You are surely wondering what these apps are. Below you will find all the details of the best applications, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Best apps to remove objects and people from photos

Best Unwanted Object Remover

If you only have a smartphone or tablet available, or more simply you prefer to complete the photo editing operations by exploiting the potential of mobile devices, the apps that I will describe below can certainly be of great help. Let’s see them together.


One of the most famous apps for deleting objects or people from photos is certainly Pixlr, which is available for free on both Android and iOS. Deleting everything you don’t like is just one of the many fixes you can make with this application, which you can also use to create photo collages.


Snapseed is also available in a free version for both Android and iOS. The “authorship” of this application is Google, and you can guess it from the many tools that can be used with Snapseed: the app, in fact, will allow you not only to correct and modify photos but above all to remove objects or people from a certain image.

The effectiveness is truly remarkable, and it is certainly no coincidence that Snapseed is considered one of the best applications to do this, also thanks to its simple and intuitive interface.


The function of PhotoDirector is the same as the applications we mentioned earlier, which is to remove objects and people from your photos. How? The procedure is very simple. All you have to do is open the photo in question and color the part you want to remove red. Once the portion to be deleted has been clarified, the removal tool will delete the object or person from the image, filling the background evenly according to the space around the removed part.

Finally, another very popular app for removing objects or people from photos is YouCam Perfect, which works with both Android and iOS. In addition to modifying some face imperfections, you will find this application very useful to remove all that you think is unwanted from your images.

Just click on Edit Photo to take advantage of the removal tool and delete the part of the image that you really don’t like. Once the operation is complete, click on “Apply” to have the new photo without the object or the “unwelcome” person.

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How to Take a Screenshot on Any Device

Today we enjoy digital content on virtually every possible device; whether it is a computer, tablet, or smartphone, information, work and entertainment pass through the screens of these devices.

Screenshot on Any Device

Often it happens to read something interesting on a website, perhaps particularly useful data that we would like to note: in these cases nothing is better than a quick screenshot.
In this article, I will explain how to take screenshots on Windows PC or Mac, Android, and iPhone.

How to Take Screenshots on PC

The computer is certainly one of the most used devices for productivity, so quickly jotting down certain content can really make a difference.
Here’s how to take screenshots on Windows:

  • Open the Start menu and type Snipping Tool in the search bar;
  • Open the small window, click on New to take a screenshot;
  • Select the portion of the screen you are interested in and save the image in the folder you want.

By key combination or with Browser extensions

Alternatively, you can also activate the relative shortcut through the combination of the Windows + SHIFT + S keys.

If you use Google Chrome instead, also consider using the Awesome Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder extension, which will not only allow you to take more detailed screenshots but also record your session on PC: once installed, you don’t have to than call it from the menu at the top right of the browser and follow the instructions on the screen. This extension is also available for Chrome on Mac.

Screenshot on Mac

As for Apple PCs, here’s how to take screenshots on Mac: Perform the combination of Shift, Command, and 3 keys to make a quick capture. Alternatively, press Shift, Command, and 4 to select a certain portion of the screen: after the command, crop the details that interest you and save the image.

Or through the Snapshot App (available from iOS Mojave) reachable in Applications / Utilities or directly by asking Siri. This app allows you to capture the screen of the different windows and in different modes even in time using the timer.

Screenshot on Android

As for Android devices, be they smartphones or tablets, the fastest technique to take a screenshot is to use the relative key combination; the latter changes from manufacturer to manufacturer and sometimes also depending on the smartphone.

screenshot on an Android

However, the most common options are a long press of the on / off keys and one of the two-volume keys: in some devices with an additional physical key, it may also be necessary to press the latter.

A valid alternative is to enable the function from the relative toggle from the menu that appears by pulling the notification drop-down: also in this case the option may not be valid for certain smartphone models.

Alternatively, you could try one of the many apps to take screenshots, such as LongShot, which also allows the possibility of capturing larger portions of the screen.

Screenshot on iPhone

A short guide could not be missing also for this concerns Apple mobile devices.

To capture the screen on the iPhone you must, even in this case, use the combination of the power or lock/unlock key and the one to raise the volume.

However, as regards the older iPhone models, and in particular those with Touch ID, you will have to press the latter and the same power button: otherwise the screen capture mode will be the same.

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What is Planned Obsolescence and Why it Affects You?

Perhaps not everyone is aware of this strategy now adopted by almost all companies producing goods and services, despite the fact that it concerns us so closely when we buy a product to be introduced into our homes or used in daily life.

Planned Obsolescence

This is why I decided to tackle this thorny topic above all from a technological point of view because it is essential to understand how this strategy is profoundly changing our habits and in the long run it is compromising life on this planet.

The incandescent lamp

It all started with her di lei, or rather, the incandescent light bulb was the first victim of planned obsolescence. In 1924, the representatives of the main light bulb companies met in Geneva where they signed the Phoebus cartel an agreement in which they standardized the characteristics that incandescent lamps had to have (shape, socket, voltage …) and deliberately limited their duration to 1,000 hours of operation. Why did they limit the duration?

After purchase and subsequent installation, the bulbs had a very long lifespan and the manufacturing companies had low-profit margins. One of the most authentic testimonies of the longevity of an incandescent light bulb is that of the Fire Brigade barracks in Livermore (California), still functional from 1901 to today (a webcam transmits the light of the light bulb live on the web).

However, it should be noted that the light bulb mentioned is made with carbon filament, naturally more resistant than the current vintage LED filament bulbs or with tungsten filament (the latter no longer on the market since 2012).

What is meant by Planned Obsolescence?

There is talk of planned or otherwise planned obsolescence when you try to insert a “limited” time span as regards the life cycle of an appliance, an object linked to the world of technology, but above all mobile phones: tools most used in today’s world even by different generations.

Basically, if the smartphones or the different appliances we bought worked perfectly for 10, 15, 20 years, many companies would consequently find themselves forced to close or lay off staff, due to the lack of work due to the low amount of equipment sold.

Indeed, there is a real method introduced by companies to not allow (for example smartphones) to have a really long life.

Among the elements to be analyzed we find the use, in the production phase, of low-quality materials, software updates that cause the equipment to not work or simply lead the buyer to pay more for the repair of the product than what was spent purchase of the same.

Planned obsolescence, fines, and penalties

It is very difficult to believe that such a strategy could really be possible, especially if we see companies of the caliber of Apple or Samsung involved, also because they are the best-known companies and therefore obviously more exposed.

Planned Obsolescence Definition

In fact, in 2018, the Antitrust Authority punished the same companies precisely because of planned obsolescence. The reason is characterized by having induced its users to install new versions of operating systems (iOS and Android) for old devices and due to this update, they have experienced worse usage performance.

As we have seen several times in the advice on this site, updating to a Major release is never a good idea, especially if our device is not among the most recent, and therefore with the update, there could be consumption phenomena greater than battery.

Planned obsolescence causes pollution

Another element not to be underestimated as regards the use and replacement of smartphones rather than household appliances is linked to the pollution factor.

As we can see in the extract of this infographic, the greenhouse effect is leading to an increase in the temperature of the planet earth, with consequences that are now well known and under the eyes of all.

The greenhouse gas emissions are not caused only by transport (14%) or agriculture (24%), but also by industrial productions that reach 21% of emissions (source). So the production process of an appliance and therefore of a smartphone plays a fundamental role, which is combined with the increasingly substantial disposal due to the constant change of one’s mobile phone, which closes the circle precisely with programmed obsolescence.

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TelltheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

Taco Bell Customer Feedback Survey is initiated by the Taco Bell Company to collects genuine customer feedback. Taco Bell is also providing a chance to win $ 500 in cash after the successful completion of the tellthebell Guest Experience Survey.

Tellthebell coupons

So, if you have visited Taco Bell recently, then share your thoughts on Taco Bell Opinion Survey at by referring to this post. This post will guide you to take the Tellthebell survey correctly and win the TelltheBell Sweepstakes worth the $ 500 Cash prize.

In this post, you can get all rules, regulations with a step-by-step instruction guide to complete the TelltheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey. Check below for more details.

TellTheBell Survey Code Rules

  • First of all, you must have proper internet access.
  • After that, you must have the proper official website address to start the taco bell store number for the survey.
  • Then, the age limit must be 18 yrs and above.
  • Moreover, you must either have a Laptop or Computer or Tablet.
  • Later, a basic knowledge of English is necessary.
  • Most importantly, you must have a recent purchase receipt from the Taco bell store.
  • Above all, there is a limit of only one entry per receipt.

Steps for doing the Tellthebell survey

The stepwise procedure of survey homepage:

taco bell

  • On a mobile phone, PC, laptop, or any other device on which you can use the same.
  • Then visit the survey homepage. The following page will redirect you to a page. This is the official Taco Bell survey page.
  • Now you need to enter the 16-digit survey code. It can be viewed from the check of the services you might have availed from the same.
  • Now answer some of the details asked by the Tacobell survey. Some of the very questions asked will be the rating of the services provided by them and how did you like it or not?
  • Then again will be a different page and that will commence the customer survey in all.
  • You need to answer those questions with honesty and genuineness. The one thing to keep in mind to not be bias and to be true to the company.
  • The answer to all the questions would require some minutes but once you are done with the customer survey now just submit all your answers.

The time you invested in telling how important their services are to you is the time worth spending. As it gives you the whole reason of winning $ 500. This is indeed not a small amount. The winners of the same are announced after the completion of the entry duration. There are all 50 winners to this amazing offer. So, the probability of you winning the Taco Bell survey is really high.

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How to Set-Up an Android Phone for a Child

Almost 7 out of 10 boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 15 have a mobile phone for personal use. A figure that increases year after year due to social pressure. Be that as it may, it is a reality that parents and guardians must deal with. Buy it or not? Put limits? What kind of limits?

Set Up Your Kid's iPhone

Fortunately, current smartphones, both iPhone and the different manufacturers that use Android as an operating system have mobile parental control. The operating system itself, iOS and Android, allows you to set limits based on the age of the user. Thus, together with the communication with the minor, as those responsible for the device, we must configure their smartphone to avoid problems and annoyances.

Let’s see how to configure mobile parental control on iPhone and Android, as well as everything you can do with Qustodio Premium, the parental control service that you can contract with Movistar.

Parental control on iPhone

The most recent versions of iOS, your iPhone software, incorporate a parental control system to deal with certain habits of your children. That is, if you have recently purchased an iPhone, you can define how much time they will spend with the smartphone, what apps and games to open, what content they can access, etc.

Let’s look at the most important options. The wearing time. From Settings> Usage time you can configure a time of inactivity, or what is the same, a period of time to rest or to use only certain applications. You can also limit the time of use of each app or game, such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Netflix, or TikTok. For the rest, in that section, you will see a history of use to know the habits of your child.

Protect your kids

You can also block web content on your iPhone. From Settings> Time of use, you should go to Restrictions> Content restrictions and then to Web content. You can choose between Unrestricted access, Limit adult websites, or Only allowed websites. You can also make a list of recommended links (Always allow) and another of prohibited links (Never allow).

If your kids use Siri, you can restrict searches so that it doesn’t use explicit language or search for certain content. You will find it in Settings> Time of use> Restrictions> Content restrictions> Content restrictions> Siri.

The available locks are all in Settings> Time of use> Restrictions. There you can allow or block iPhone applications and functions such as location, Bluetooth, advertising, reminders, photos.

Another important aspect is to install apps and/or buy within the apps. From Settings> Time of use> Restrictions> Purchases in iTunes and App Store, you can allow or not the installation and/or uninstallation of applications and games. Also if you allow purchases within the applications.

Control parental en Android

If you are going to buy an Android smartphone for your child for personal use, depending on their age, you will want to configure certain options. For example, you can limit the time you spend with each app. As it is one of the star functions of Android 10 and later versions, you will find it on your Android smartphone, whether it is a Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, or Huawei brand, to name the best known, in all its models for sale. The only requirement is that you have Android 10 or higher installed.

Family Safety app

To limit the time of use of applications on Android, we will go to Settings> Digital well-being and parental control. The name may change slightly depending on the version of Android, but looking for Digital Wellbeing in the Settings search engine you will find it. When choosing parental control, Android forces us to use Family Link, its parental control service.

You can optionally use the Digital Wellbeing options, which allow you to limit the time of use of installed games and applications. You can also set a period of time to rest. You will find it in Rest Mode

If you want to put limits on the installation of applications and games or on the download or acquisition of content in Google Play, the Android store, you can do it from there. In Google Play> Settings> Parental control, we activate it, create a secret PIN and then define the age limits for applications, games, and/or content.

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How to Prevent Phone Hacking

What can a hacker who enters a cell phone to spy on a phone remotely do? Above all, how to tell if a hacker has entered the phone? First of all, let’s try to clarify the idea. A hacker is not necessarily an attacker. He is certainly a computer expert, but it is not certain that he uses his skills to damage the privacy of others and meddle in the facts of others.

Prevent Phone Hacking

Another issue is instead that relating to another category, which is also hackers, but above all malicious when they use their skills to spy and cause discomfort to others. As if that were not enough, on the net there are various applications, even easy to use, which allow even a non-expert to become a “hacker” and spy on the conversations of others.

These are all actions prohibited by the law on privacy but unfortunately in the waters of the internet, it is not possible to block the proliferation. So how do you know that your phone is under someone’s control? The symptoms to keep in mind are the same ones that accuse a computer affected by a virus.

  • Strange slowdowns
  • Battery discharging too quickly
  • Line disturbances

If your iPhone is jailbroken or if your Android is rooted, you run a worse risk of being infected with malicious viruses. And it is not really easy to catch these programs that infect the cell phone, because they are very very “discreet”, even if there is an almost foolproof method: in addition to checking the symptoms listed above, check the data traffic of your phone and text messages.

Prevent Your Cell Phone from Being Hacked


In fact, spy software usually sends SMS messages to the phone that is spying on you and, of course, the cost of the phone is charged to your cell phone. Then take note of the credit on your sim and check again after 24 hours in which you have not sent text messages. If the cost of a text message has been deducted, there may be something wrong. At this point, I recommend a reset of the phone.

On the net, there are various antiviruses that promise to protect your smartphones, but the best thing to do is undoubtedly one: never lend your phone, or connect via Bluetooth to someone else’s, unless you are 100% sure. of their good intentions. In fact, it is in this way that the attacker often manages to install spy software on other people’s phones.

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How to Automatically Clear Spam on Gmail

You are so tired of seeing your spam box crammed full. Admit that on this, Gmail does a great job, because it can automatically recognize potential ambiguous messages and put them directly in the spam section. Plus, Gmail automatically deletes all spam messages every 30 days, whether you’ve read them or not.

How to automatically clear spam on Gmail

Do you want to keep your Gmail account truly spam-free? Or is there a particular email address that you really want to block, from which you no longer want to read messages, even in spam? Then know that choosing to delete it automatically as soon as it reaches your Inbox.


Here is the procedure to follow to automatically delete spam, immediately, as it arrives:

  • Go to your Gmail box, login using your username and password as you always do;
  • Now click on the wheel icon at the top right and, in the menu that opens, click on Settings
  • In the new screen click on Filters and blocked addresses and then on Create a new filter
  • In the new pop up that you buy, in the From box write the email address or the various email addresses from which you no longer want to receive messages, and then click on Create Filter with this search
  • Now put the checkmark on Delete and finally on Create Filter
  • Done now the messages you receive from that address will be deleted immediately and automatically.
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Clubhouse on Android

For all Android users, there is big news: Clubhouse is no longer a mirage. Here is what is happening in these hours

2021 was inevitably marked by the Clubhouse explosion. The Alpha Exploration Co. app has experienced a boom with very few precedents, also driven by the landing on the platform of leading figures such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Millions of users have interfaced with a whole new social network, based exclusively on themed voice rooms.

Clubhouse on Android

One of the aspects that most intrigued the platform is its exclusivity. Only iOS users with an invitation, in fact, can access it and join the community. In the short term, however, something could change. The application is ready to expand to millions of Android users, who have been waiting for an update from the company for weeks.

Clubhouse on Android, the App has Arrived in Beta

The report came a few hours ago from the experts of Xda-Developers: Alpha Exploration Co. has finally released the beta version of Clubhouse for Android. A highly anticipated news from the millions of users who have long requested the landing of the platform dedicated to voice rooms on the operating system.

According to the latest, the developers have already been working since last January to expand the service to an increasing number of people, also thanks to the investments led by Andreessen Horowitz. In the plans of the company, there would also be a Creator Grant Program, a project that allows the most active and followers to monetize the work done.


Already today, some testers were able to preview the updated software, which is a few weeks could become a reality for everyone. The Google Play Store is preparing to record a boom in users and downloads, given the incredible amount of demand from January onwards.

At the moment, a strapline of what will happen in the next few days and how long we will have to wait before we can download the software on Android has not yet been made available. It is clear that the release of a beta version suggests that the works are already well underway.

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