How to Automatically Clear Spam on Gmail

You are so tired of seeing your spam box crammed full. Admit that on this, Gmail does a great job, because it can automatically recognize potential ambiguous messages and put them directly in the spam section. Plus, Gmail automatically deletes all spam messages every 30 days, whether you’ve read them or not.

How to automatically clear spam on Gmail

Do you want to keep your Gmail account truly spam-free? Or is there a particular email address that you really want to block, from which you no longer want to read messages, even in spam? Then know that choosing to delete it automatically as soon as it reaches your Inbox.


Here is the procedure to follow to automatically delete spam, immediately, as it arrives:

  • Go to your Gmail box, login using your username and password as you always do;
  • Now click on the wheel icon at the top right and, in the menu that opens, click on Settings
  • In the new screen click on Filters and blocked addresses and then on Create a new filter
  • In the new pop up that you buy, in the From box write the email address or the various email addresses from which you no longer want to receive messages, and then click on Create Filter with this search
  • Now put the checkmark on Delete and finally on Create Filter
  • Done now the messages you receive from that address will be deleted immediately and automatically.
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