Clubhouse on Android

For all Android users, there is big news: Clubhouse is no longer a mirage. Here is what is happening in these hours

2021 was inevitably marked by the Clubhouse explosion. The Alpha Exploration Co. app has experienced a boom with very few precedents, also driven by the landing on the platform of leading figures such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Millions of users have interfaced with a whole new social network, based exclusively on themed voice rooms.

Clubhouse on Android

One of the aspects that most intrigued the platform is its exclusivity. Only iOS users with an invitation, in fact, can access it and join the community. In the short term, however, something could change. The application is ready to expand to millions of Android users, who have been waiting for an update from the company for weeks.

Clubhouse on Android, the App has Arrived in Beta

The report came a few hours ago from the experts of Xda-Developers: Alpha Exploration Co. has finally released the beta version of Clubhouse for Android. A highly anticipated news from the millions of users who have long requested the landing of the platform dedicated to voice rooms on the operating system.

According to the latest, the developers have already been working since last January to expand the service to an increasing number of people, also thanks to the investments led by Andreessen Horowitz. In the plans of the company, there would also be a Creator Grant Program, a project that allows the most active and followers to monetize the work done.


Already today, some testers were able to preview the updated software, which is a few weeks could become a reality for everyone. The Google Play Store is preparing to record a boom in users and downloads, given the incredible amount of demand from January onwards.

At the moment, a strapline of what will happen in the next few days and how long we will have to wait before we can download the software on Android has not yet been made available. It is clear that the release of a beta version suggests that the works are already well underway.

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