How to Prevent Phone Hacking

What can a hacker who enters a cell phone to spy on a phone remotely do? Above all, how to tell if a hacker has entered the phone? First of all, let’s try to clarify the idea. A hacker is not necessarily an attacker. He is certainly a computer expert, but it is not certain that he uses his skills to damage the privacy of others and meddle in the facts of others.

Prevent Phone Hacking

Another issue is instead that relating to another category, which is also hackers, but above all malicious when they use their skills to spy and cause discomfort to others. As if that were not enough, on the net there are various applications, even easy to use, which allow even a non-expert to become a “hacker” and spy on the conversations of others.

These are all actions prohibited by the law on privacy but unfortunately in the waters of the internet, it is not possible to block the proliferation. So how do you know that your phone is under someone’s control? The symptoms to keep in mind are the same ones that accuse a computer affected by a virus.

  • Strange slowdowns
  • Battery discharging too quickly
  • Line disturbances

If your iPhone is jailbroken or if your Android is rooted, you run a worse risk of being infected with malicious viruses. And it is not really easy to catch these programs that infect the cell phone, because they are very very “discreet”, even if there is an almost foolproof method: in addition to checking the symptoms listed above, check the data traffic of your phone and text messages.

Prevent Your Cell Phone from Being Hacked


In fact, spy software usually sends SMS messages to the phone that is spying on you and, of course, the cost of the phone is charged to your cell phone. Then take note of the credit on your sim and check again after 24 hours in which you have not sent text messages. If the cost of a text message has been deducted, there may be something wrong. At this point, I recommend a reset of the phone.

On the net, there are various antiviruses that promise to protect your smartphones, but the best thing to do is undoubtedly one: never lend your phone, or connect via Bluetooth to someone else’s, unless you are 100% sure. of their good intentions. In fact, it is in this way that the attacker often manages to install spy software on other people’s phones.

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