How to Take a Screenshot on Any Device

Today we enjoy digital content on virtually every possible device; whether it is a computer, tablet, or smartphone, information, work and entertainment pass through the screens of these devices.

Screenshot on Any Device

Often it happens to read something interesting on a website, perhaps particularly useful data that we would like to note: in these cases nothing is better than a quick screenshot.
In this article, I will explain how to take screenshots on Windows PC or Mac, Android, and iPhone.

How to Take Screenshots on PC

The computer is certainly one of the most used devices for productivity, so quickly jotting down certain content can really make a difference.
Here’s how to take screenshots on Windows:

  • Open the Start menu and type Snipping Tool in the search bar;
  • Open the small window, click on New to take a screenshot;
  • Select the portion of the screen you are interested in and save the image in the folder you want.

By key combination or with Browser extensions

Alternatively, you can also activate the relative shortcut through the combination of the Windows + SHIFT + S keys.

If you use Google Chrome instead, also consider using the Awesome Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder extension, which will not only allow you to take more detailed screenshots but also record your session on PC: once installed, you don’t have to than call it from the menu at the top right of the browser and follow the instructions on the screen. This extension is also available for Chrome on Mac.

Screenshot on Mac

As for Apple PCs, here’s how to take screenshots on Mac: Perform the combination of Shift, Command, and 3 keys to make a quick capture. Alternatively, press Shift, Command, and 4 to select a certain portion of the screen: after the command, crop the details that interest you and save the image.

Or through the Snapshot App (available from iOS Mojave) reachable in Applications / Utilities or directly by asking Siri. This app allows you to capture the screen of the different windows and in different modes even in time using the timer.

Screenshot on Android

As for Android devices, be they smartphones or tablets, the fastest technique to take a screenshot is to use the relative key combination; the latter changes from manufacturer to manufacturer and sometimes also depending on the smartphone.

screenshot on an Android

However, the most common options are a long press of the on / off keys and one of the two-volume keys: in some devices with an additional physical key, it may also be necessary to press the latter.

A valid alternative is to enable the function from the relative toggle from the menu that appears by pulling the notification drop-down: also in this case the option may not be valid for certain smartphone models.

Alternatively, you could try one of the many apps to take screenshots, such as LongShot, which also allows the possibility of capturing larger portions of the screen.

Screenshot on iPhone

A short guide could not be missing also for this concerns Apple mobile devices.

To capture the screen on the iPhone you must, even in this case, use the combination of the power or lock/unlock key and the one to raise the volume.

However, as regards the older iPhone models, and in particular those with Touch ID, you will have to press the latter and the same power button: otherwise the screen capture mode will be the same.

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