How to Set-Up an Android Phone for a Child

Almost 7 out of 10 boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 15 have a mobile phone for personal use. A figure that increases year after year due to social pressure. Be that as it may, it is a reality that parents and guardians must deal with. Buy it or not? Put limits? What kind of limits?

Set Up Your Kid's iPhone

Fortunately, current smartphones, both iPhone and the different manufacturers that use Android as an operating system have mobile parental control. The operating system itself, iOS and Android, allows you to set limits based on the age of the user. Thus, together with the communication with the minor, as those responsible for the device, we must configure their smartphone to avoid problems and annoyances.

Let’s see how to configure mobile parental control on iPhone and Android, as well as everything you can do with Qustodio Premium, the parental control service that you can contract with Movistar.

Parental control on iPhone

The most recent versions of iOS, your iPhone software, incorporate a parental control system to deal with certain habits of your children. That is, if you have recently purchased an iPhone, you can define how much time they will spend with the smartphone, what apps and games to open, what content they can access, etc.

Let’s look at the most important options. The wearing time. From Settings> Usage time you can configure a time of inactivity, or what is the same, a period of time to rest or to use only certain applications. You can also limit the time of use of each app or game, such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Netflix, or TikTok. For the rest, in that section, you will see a history of use to know the habits of your child.

Protect your kids

You can also block web content on your iPhone. From Settings> Time of use, you should go to Restrictions> Content restrictions and then to Web content. You can choose between Unrestricted access, Limit adult websites, or Only allowed websites. You can also make a list of recommended links (Always allow) and another of prohibited links (Never allow).

If your kids use Siri, you can restrict searches so that it doesn’t use explicit language or search for certain content. You will find it in Settings> Time of use> Restrictions> Content restrictions> Content restrictions> Siri.

The available locks are all in Settings> Time of use> Restrictions. There you can allow or block iPhone applications and functions such as location, Bluetooth, advertising, reminders, photos.

Another important aspect is to install apps and/or buy within the apps. From Settings> Time of use> Restrictions> Purchases in iTunes and App Store, you can allow or not the installation and/or uninstallation of applications and games. Also if you allow purchases within the applications.

Control parental en Android

If you are going to buy an Android smartphone for your child for personal use, depending on their age, you will want to configure certain options. For example, you can limit the time you spend with each app. As it is one of the star functions of Android 10 and later versions, you will find it on your Android smartphone, whether it is a Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, or Huawei brand, to name the best known, in all its models for sale. The only requirement is that you have Android 10 or higher installed.

Family Safety app

To limit the time of use of applications on Android, we will go to Settings> Digital well-being and parental control. The name may change slightly depending on the version of Android, but looking for Digital Wellbeing in the Settings search engine you will find it. When choosing parental control, Android forces us to use Family Link, its parental control service.

You can optionally use the Digital Wellbeing options, which allow you to limit the time of use of installed games and applications. You can also set a period of time to rest. You will find it in Rest Mode

If you want to put limits on the installation of applications and games or on the download or acquisition of content in Google Play, the Android store, you can do it from there. In Google Play> Settings> Parental control, we activate it, create a secret PIN and then define the age limits for applications, games, and/or content.

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